About Soulitaire

"...with clear, suppliantly beautiful vocals, accompanied by a guitar, that's being strummed, plucked, drummed...magical" (Radio FM4)

Life in waves. On waves. Seesaw observations from valley bottom to vertex. Reduced to the essence. And close to the substance: Vocals. Guitar. Done.

"I scaled everything down to acoustic guitar, a distortion pedal, a guitar amp and vocals as my main instruments", Martin Rotheneder explains - the man behind soulitaire. Minimalism with the vision of sounding like a band. And some self-imposed rules: No electronics, no loops, all has to be played live on guitar, all in one take. Only the intimate vocals are subtly added as overdubs to create worlds one would want to get lost in. And will.

The outcome is a soundtrack to travelling both physically and in your own mind. That simple.


Martin Rotheneder's acquaintance with guitar started in his early childhood in Austria, he released and toured for over ten years with different projects of his own (Ben Martin, I Am Cereals, The Black Riders). He's always been wearing a beard and glasses. With Soulitaire he comes to the point.