About Soulitaire

"...with clear, suppliantly beautiful vocals, accompanied by a guitar, that's being strummed, plucked, drummed...magical" (Radio FM4)

What you see is not (exactly) what you get

The sight of an acoustic guitar and a microphone may evoke certain musical stereotypes, but you may find Soulitaire to sound a little bit different. Because he uses his guitar not only for strumming and fingerstyle playing, but also as bass and drums to create a sound that you'd rather expect from a small band than from a solo artist. Vocal sounds and mouthtrumpet are the only other sounds added to create the underlying atmosphere for his clear and soulful vocals. All that to serve his songs of mindfulness and love.

Singer-Songwriter Martin Rotheneder, the man behind Soulitaire with the beard and the glasses, has been playing guitar nearly all his life, seeking to express his musical visions in the best possible way. But despite studying jazz guitar and various other styles and techniques, it wasn't until he started experimenting with one of Joni Mitchell's open guitar tunings in early 2015 that he finally found the door to his very own sonic world. The two other main ingredients to his quite unique sound are the use of reverb and distortion blended with the natural sound of the acoustic guitar.

Soulitaire lives in Austria and releases music via his own label Violet Noise Records.